T.B. Ripy home
T.B. Ripy home


T.B. Ripy IV and George Geoghagen, the present owners and two of T.B. Ripy Great-Grandchildren, decided to undertake some of the most critical aspects of restoring the home. Immediate steps were taken to stop any further damage from happening to the house. Emergency repairs were the first course of action to prevent any further deterioration and damage to the the interior and exterior of the house.

The first step was to clear away several acres of brush and trees that had encompassed the house.  Roofing and gutters were replaced to prevent further leaking and damage.  Tons of junk from inside the house was hauled out. A beekeeper was brought in to remove a large beehive in excess of 70 pounds located with the second floor porch roof.  

After the initial clean-up, the intimidating task of restoration confronted the two cousins. They consulted with the Natioanl Park Service, Kentucky Heritage Council, Preservation Kentucky and others to develop an overall plan, one that addressed the many individual projects that made up the restoration. With that in place, the reality of funding all of these many minor projects became their focus.

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ripy house 2013 april to Aug 012.JPG